In North America, USA and Canada are markets in which Italian wines, for some time, occupy a position of leadership in the category of imported wines. For Wineoclock, these markets are of primary importance as we believe that, with a strong presence in established markets, one can develop a strategic expansion worldwide. This is the reason why Wineoclock has invested, through the project "Italian Popular Wines" funded by SIMEST (public agency owned by the Italian Economy Ministry) in the U.S. market by opening a branch office in our business partner, Middleton Family Wines, headquarters in Paso Robles, CA and by hiring Michael Truffini as U.S./Canada Brand Manager. Furthermore, in both Canada and the U.S. Wineoclock is the technical advisor of the project "ATS Sicilian Popular Wines" co-financed by the EU (CAMPAIGN FINANCED UNDER REGULATION EC No 1234/ 07) and by the producers, Cantine Ermes and Orestiadi Wines Ltd.

Micheal Truffini
Wineoclock US / Canada Brand Manager

With over 30 years in the Wine and Spirits business, Michael bring a great amount of experience to his role as North American Export Manager.


South America is a continent where many Countries, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Brazil produce wines of a certain quality. After having invested in more established markets as USA and Canada we decided to focus our effort in one of the 5 emerging markets and we selected Brazil where we founded Wineoclock Comercio e Importacao de Bebidas in 2012.


Wineoclock Comercio e Importacao de Bebidas is a Brazilian/Italian company in which Wineoclock has a 50% vested interested. Our goal is to offer the Wineoclock wine portfolio to the Brazilian consumer, wines that we consider very distinctive and innovative for the Brazilian lifestyle as compared to the Italian wines already imported by other companies. Our added value is that Wineoclock Brazil is a real bridge between the producer Country, Italy, and the reference Market, Brazil. In Italy, Wineoclock manages, among others, the selection of the wineries, purchase price, logistic management and customs documentation; in Brazil our team is responsible for the sales and marketing.

Fernando Arganese
CEO - Wineoclock Comercio e Importacao de Bebidas

Born in Lecce in 1972 and graduated at University Bocconi in Milan: in Brazil since 2004 starting his career as commodities international broker, mainly cotton. Wineoclock Brazil CEO by 2011, managing the start-up and the establishment as one of the new and more interesting importing company in Brazil.

Paolo Rubbio
Wineoclock Brazil Brand Manager – Cantine Ermes Country Manager

Born in Milan in 1983 and graduated in Law at Bicocca University. After 2 years (2008-2010) spent travelling in different Countries (Australia, Costa Rica, Brasil and USA) and working in different business, he established himself in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in 2013 where he manages the Wineoclock Brazil wine portfolio and he is Country Manager of Cantine Ermes, one of the closest partner of Wineoclock.


The Asian markets are important to Wineoclock as they represent the future of our strategic development. Over the past few years we have developed commercial relationships with importers and distributors in China and Japan.

Satoshi Hayashi

Among our Wineoclock friends we are proud to mention Satoshi Hayashi, owner of the restaurant Antichi in Nagoya, Japan where traditional Japanese cuisine is combined with typical ingredients of the Mediterranean cuisine, paired with Wineoclock wine selections. Satoshi has studied food preparation in Italy at the school of Gaetano Trovato, award-winning chef-owner of the Arnolfo in Colle Val d'Elsa restaurant.
Upon returning to Japan, Satoshi opened his first restaurant in Nagoya, Antichi, in 1998, restoring an old Japanese traditional house. He also owns other restaurants and wine shops in Nagoya where the Wineoclock wine portfolio represents the Italian selection.


Wineoclock offers the collaboration as an ideal partner for both small and big wine importers all around Europe; we have already established relationships with importers in different Countries such as Switzerland, Germany, Poland, UK, and the Scandinavian markets. We can offer two different services one dedicated to small importers who are not able to buy large quantity volumes from different producers, the other for the large importer that is looking for wines with the best price-quality ratio and produced according to the tasting profile of the targeted consumer. Among the larger importers is the Scandinavian markets, where the sale of wine takes place mainly in stores owned by the Swedish Government (Systembolaget) similar to the distribution network of the Canadian monopoly. In Sweden several Wineoclock wines are available, among them the Rosso di Montepulciano Le Bertille which is the only wine from this territory offered in the Systembolaget shops.


Wineoclock is active in two different channels: B2B and B2C. We work as a wine wholesaler in the city of Milan with a sales team dedicated to the on trade, serving some of the most popular restaurants and wine bars in the city. Our B2C activity is focused on different activities, on and off line, to increase our database of final clients. Another important commercial activity is our annual Christmas catalogue that we offer to our corporate clients.
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